About Willow


Willow embodies every mothers’ true nature.

She is strong, but gentle. Calm, yet wild. Her branches sway freely in the breeze. Her roots ground deep within the earth…

Willow is a magazine written for mothers, by mothers. She is a sacred space for giving and receiving.

Willow is here to support, nurture and empower women all around the world through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Through sharing stories, expert advice and womb wisdom, Willow serves as the modern day sacred women’s circle – a throwback from tribal times.

Willow is a platform to showcase the work of our fellow mamas. And a means through which we can give back to our sisters across the globe who face high infant and maternal mortality rates due to poverty. Willow connects us all as soul mamas.

Willow guides us on the path of motherhood. She gives us the tools with which we can build a solid foundation for our children. She encourages our innate nurture-nature. So that we may create a generation of well-balanced beings that are active, engaged and thrive in our world. Willow is here to hold our hands and gently guide us by teaching us self-care and awareness in our journey of motherhood.

Because every mother deserves to feel safe so that she may surrender into motherhood. So that she may bloom into her full embodiment of woman. So that she may Be Love.


Willow Magazine is a trusted source on women’s wisdom. She is viewed as a guide into motherhood.

Willow is a business model that continually gives, inspired by the spiral of life. Her name has become synonymous with mother & baby charities in developing countries.

Willow has a strong global presence. Her community of subscribers identify themselves as “soul mamas”. She has an engaged audience across her social media platforms.