About Mama Fifi

Fiona Olsen

Fifi loves to eat raw chocolate, make pizza, get goofy, work up a sweat outdoors, and sing and dance around the house in her underpants. She’s the founder of Simba & Mama cloth diapers, is currently intrigued by ancient mysteries of the goddess, and is addicted to podcasts on business and parenting.

Fifi has a B.A., A.Mus.A, and has studied eco-tourism, permaculture design, vinyasa yoga and astrology.

A background in sales, combined with compulsive creativity and a desire to give-back, fuels her passion to initiate social enterprise. Fifi dreams of a world where every mother is given the support to birth naturally.

Her goal is to parent her daughter consciously, one day at a time.

“For me, this is about role-modeling: whatever I want my daughter to do, I must do it first. My practice is to be ok with making mistakes. To catch negative self-talk. To cast aside should’s and shouldn’ts. To stay open to self-inquiry. To choose self-love. All the while allowing my daughter to awaken the child in me.”

Simba Kaia entered Earth through a natural water birth, and to the sweet sound of her Papa’s lullaby. A few of her favorite things include trike racing, chasing chooks, and perfecting her somersault on the trampoline.

Together, Fifi and family work, play and create from their home on the east coast of Australia.

Fifi is Co-founder, Writer and Chief Marketing / Social Media mama of Willow Magazine.