About Mama Sandra

Sandra Colley
Soulmama Sandra is one of the co-founders of WILLOW. Originally from Germany but now living her dream near Byron Bay in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia.

She is very grateful to be living in peace and with love all around. Her tribe consists of her beautiful son Finn, her amazing husband Mischa and a great support network of friends and family.

Ever since her earliest memories one of her greatest passions has been to raise conscious, well balanced and aware children. To make this possible She has studied and worked in childcare and special need teaching for just over a decade. She has worked in multiple childcare settings incl. Steiner kindergartens, Montessori playgroups and lots more but what she enjoyed by far the most was running her own Steiner based Family Day Care.

She is hoping that she can make you feel just as supported and well looked after than she herself feels. With her knowledge and the knowledge she collects from other professionals and experts she wants to help you become the conscious mama you want to be.

Becoming a conscious mum has taught me an incredible amount, more than I ever thought would be possible. Not only to be present in every moment with my precious little boy but also how to surrender and be kind to myself. Being a conscious mama to me means to collect as much information as I can, be aware and make my decisions trusting and following my instincts.

Sandra is Co-founder, Content Collecting Mama and Liason of Willow Magazine.