About Mama Ari

Arihia Henry

Arihia loves long spirited bushwalks, creating yummy food, big family gatherings, speaking from and to the inner goddess that lives within all women, writing and adventures.

Arihia has studied kinesiology, nutritional medicine, crystal healing, natural magic and inner alchemy.

Arihia currently lives amongst the trees of Western Australia’s south west with her partner Simon and 16 week old Honu.  Honu was water birthed in their home after an ecstatic pregnancy.  Honu loves bath time, his bouncy chair, toning sounds and making heart melting faces whilst drooling.

Being a mummy is the biggest and most transformational adventure of my life so far, I have learnt to trust myself and my body, and have also found where the deep juicy bits I need to work within myself are.  Pregnancy has been a quantum leap in self realisation.  Being present to myself and Honu as well as simplifying and accepting what IS are the most amazing gifts that cause joy.  Honu is the best reminder in the world to love myself unconditionally, and it’s a privilege to be his mummy.

Arihia is Co-Founder, Editor, Consultant and Designer Mama for Willow Magazine.