Issue 2 - Creating Life
August 11, 2016

Issue 2 – Creating Life

Willow is an interactive and digital magazine for conscious mamas. Find expert advice and real life experience from over 25 contributors amongst her pages.

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We’re thrilled to bring you over 120 pages filled with expert advice and real life experience on all things pregnancy, birth and beyond.

A few of the topics include:

+ Robin Grille on Emotional Intelligence
+ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys and the exploration of Conscious Parenting
+ Self-care for new mamas + Raising empathic children
+ Birthing stories
+ Travel with baby
+ Re-lactation
+ Teaching Values through Song
+ Connecting with your baby before birth
+ Planting a Placenta Tree
+ Shadow work
+ Recipes
+ Restoration practices for new mamas
+ Guided meditations
+ pre/post natal yoga sequences
+ ‪#‎startupmoms, ‪#‎motherartists & ‪#‎mamapoet
AND a few treats for our Papa Bears too 🐻

Willow gives 20% of her profits to a mama and baby related charity to help and support those in need.

Empower yourself to be the conscious mama you want to be. May no mama ever feel alone or unsupported again.

August 11, 2016